From The President


My fellow Shareholders, Cottage owners and guests,

It has been an exciting year for Linwood, not without controversy, but always optimistic.  Our Infrastructure project is presently front and center with phase I being almost completed and phase II (final phase) well underway.  In May, the Board, accompanied by our Engineer, walked through the park, studying every sidewalk and street to determine the best solution toward our goals and answers for the aesthetic and safety issues involved.  We continued throughout the summer, studying and reviewing those decisions and feel we have reached the best plan, while listening to all of you and appreciating individual concerns.

On September 24, 2016, we held a town hall meeting, which was well attended and decided after that to pursue alternative ways of financing our project.  Selling 5 individual leases was an option, however, the motions did not receive enough (300) votes to pass.  None of us wants to divide the Park on any level, but stay united and determined to make right decisions for our children’s future enjoyment.  Another option proposed is Promissory notes, offered to shareholders/cottage owners, who would, in fact serve as “the bank” with no collateral being needed.  You will receive more information on the Promissory notes shortly.  We also will be providing an update of the construction progress on the website,  You can also obtain information by emailing or on the link on the website. 

 Matt Crase, our Superintendent, did another great job on all levels. His creativity continues to show in keeping the equipment going, our buildings and beds impeccably cared for and maintaining great crews.  A good example of this is the improvement of our “Comfort Station”, now white, both inside and out, with payers and landscaping enhancing its perimeters. I will admit that I did not want to lose that old red brick, but will also admit I was mistaken. It is a welcome improvement. Our pavilions have taken on a clean white look as well. Matt proved to be a great aide is supervising our phase \ drainage project. No-one knows our sub-ground system better, so he was very helpful to the crews last spring.

Chrystal, as well, accepted more responsibility and did a great job as the organizer and contact person for the Upper Rooms’ rentals, while she has also been in charge of the Lodge rentals.  We are blessed to have her accepting these roles after the admirable start-up by Janet Waggoner with the Upper Rooms.  They continue to be a great “Linwood experience” and used by many outside the Park as well as
overflow by those in the Park.

We will also always be appreciative of the six years that Nancy Romes devoted to supervising the management of the Stand.  Brooke Adkins is tremendous in her role there and will be returning this
summer.  Director Fred Galovich and his wife, Marlene stepped up last summer, often running for supplies, scooping ice cream and generally making everyone feel welcome. Every summer, the Stand gets better and continues to be Linwood’s favorite hangout.  The volunteerism is unmatched from the “grillers to the waterers”.  Every day the beautiful flowers nodded their heads with us in thanks to people like the Bordonaros, Sheila Romes and others, quietly showing their devotion and respect for Linwood’s beauty.

The “Grocery Store” continues to get better every year under the tireless work and devotion of Carl Flick and husband/Director Gere.  So many hours are spent “behind the scenes”, cleaning, decorating,
purchasing supplies and administratively.  The Grocery Store is definitely a destination for not only lucky Linwood shoppers, but many outside the park, who are happy to find unique artwork and gifts, then happy to cross the street for ice cream.

The volleyball event last June for the local high schools, hosted on our beach, proved to be quite successful, a banner day at the Stand. The Patriotic concert was tremendous and is planned again for this summer.  The turnout was good and expected to be even better after the rave reviews.  It’s a great way to start off our appreciation of being American in conjunction with our July 4th Parade, always a highlight
and so well organized by Ken Bliss.

It will be a different summer, scheduled to begin our season on June 9, 2017 and hopefully, without too much inconvenience, due to sidewalk repair.  We have agreed with our contractor that they can work into June for maximizing the completion of the job, but weather will be a big factor.

Once again, we are urging every cottage owner to enclose your foundation to deter varmints from inhabiting under them.  Too often, it is our neighbors who suffer the consequence of the skunks, groundhogs, and feral cats making their homes year around. 

In conclusion, I want to address the controversy surrounding your Board’s decisions.  Linwood is and always has been a unique place and blessing for us lucky ones.  Every decision is wholeheartedly studied,
discussed and prayed about.  We listen to all of you and serve with that in mind.  While none of us want Linwood to change, we do not want it to die either.  As in the Stand, Grocery Store, Beach, etc. preservation and maintenance is paramount to survival. It is the same for our drainage system, streets and sidewalks.  Safer surfaces are needed for our young and old, but none of this will change the look and atmosphere of the Linwood we all love.  Meanwhile our beach is calling and we will be working to improve it over the spring as soon as the weather calms down.  

When we met last September, as a group, your Board heard several concerns about financing our Infrastructure project through a bank loan.  Thus, we decided to offer a possibility of selling a few leases, followed by several concerns for loss of green space. The vote for this, by the Shareholders, if passed would not determine that the Board would take that step. 

I want to thank Pete and my family for their support and shared love of Linwood and thanks to all of you.


Ann Peters


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