A Board View from Broadview

As the sun shines on May 1, 2017, I am reminded that summer is imminent. It has been a busy, but very productive spring in Linwood, as our drainage system, sidewalks and roads are all being refurbished. The contractors are ahead of schedule, which is great for all of us, who look forward to getting back or already there for another joyous season. We are so blessed to have many retired Linwoodites, working hard on projects and programming to enrich all our time there, from children of all ages, teens, parents and grandparents. Meanwhile, Matt Crase, with his crew, continue to prepare for another great summer. If the weather is as relatively warm, as this winter has been in Indiana, we should have plenty of hot days on the beach. The Stand and the Store are getting busier every year and always open to visitors who want to share some of our “Haven”. The best part is knowing that we will all gather again, catch up and rejoice for another opportunity for respite where the waves rock us to sleep. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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