A few cottages are year-round permanent residences, but most are summer vacation homes fully utilized by family and friends for the season.  Occasionally a family may find their cottage setting empty and will make it available for friends, guests or renters.

In fact, less than a forth may be available for rent or a usage fee to pay a share of the cost for utilities, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, Park Company operating assessments, etc.  Each owner determines the amount of the compensation, who they let use their cottage and terms of use.  Of course there are Park Company gate fees (everyone pays gate fees—including cottage owners, lease holders and shareholders) but the Park Company has nothing to do with the renting or sale of any owner’s cottage or lease.

There is no central registry for cottages that may be for use, each owner must be contacted individually to determine availability and applicable usage fees or rent for the cottage.  Any such owner fees do not include the Gate Fees which are paid directly to The Linwood Park Company upon entering the park.

The Linwood Park Cottage Owners Association website has a park map with red highlights showing cottages that are sometimes made available for use by the owners; click HERE to be taken to the Rent Map to see a picture and contact phone number for each highlighted cottage.