Infrastructure Project


To view the update presented at the annual meeting click the link below:

Annual Meeting 2017 v1.2




Promissory Notes

We have reached the necessary minimum of $250,000 to implement the Promissory Note program to finance Phase 2 of our Infrastructure Project. As of Wednesday, May 24, we have received $270,000 of Promissory Note investments from 21 Cottage Owners. We also have commitments from 2 more cottage owners for another $25,000 investment.


So that brings us to a total of $295,000 so far in Promissory Notes to fund the project. Our current estimate is that we will need about $400,000 of financing for Phase 2 of the project. So if you have not already contacted John Waggoner with your intentions to purchase these Notes, and still wish to purchase them, please let him know at or 614-406-1690.


Thank You!



All streets except Maple, Ash, Walnut, Cherry, Linden (from First to Linwood), and Linwood from Tabernacle to Liberty Avenue.  Those roads should be completed next week, weather permitting.


For current information please call:

(440) 320-3763

or by email;