Infrastructure Project


To view the update presented at the annual meeting click the link below:

Annual Meeting 2017 v1.2




We are overwhelmed with the support being shown for the Infrastructure project by your investment in Linwood Promissory Notes. 

To date, the Linwood community has invested $485,000 in Promissory Notes. In addition, the Phase 2 project came in about $98,000 UNDER Budget.

The Promissory Notes we have received so far have allowed us to finance all of Phase 2 with the Notes and pay down $150,000 of our Phase 1 Bank loan. That will get the Bank loan down to about $221,000 from $384,941 in July of 2016.

If you would still like to invest in the Notes, which pay 5%, please let John Waggoner know by emailing him at or call 614-406-1690.

We will soon be closing out the offering but would like to be sure we have allowed enough time for all who intend to invest. We would also like to pay down even more of the Phase 1 loan so that we could get the balance below $200,000.


Thank You!



For current information please call:

(440) 320-3763

or by email;