Underconstruction! Heads-Up

Infrastructure Project status/update, click HERE.

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Happy New Year 2016

Greetings …
…and Happy New Year from your Board of Directors. Hoping this mid-winter Breeze finds you well and enjoying these months with happy expectation of your return to Linwood.

I thought this a great opportunity to catch everyone up in regard to winter at Linwood, particularly a busy one this year with the start of our Infrastructure Project.

We are pleased to say it is progressing well and really ahead of their projected timing. Our contractor has installed about half of the new drainage lines and the 29 manholes have been built off premise. The manholes will be installed in February and the drainage finished in March. Matt Crase can then begin landscaping the area.

We have also remodeled the pavilion, shuffleboard court, public restrooms, and the Store/Museum. There will be lots of improvements to see and enjoy, when we all return this season, but most importantly, look forward to seeing all of you.

Ann Peters
LPC President                                                                 

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Board View from Broadview

As the snow swirls in zero degrees here in Indiana, the phone still rings with potential renters wanting a week at Linwood for the summer of 2015. As much joy and diversity, that seasons bring, summer at Linwood is just the best. Reservations for the Upper Rooms are already being requested and while blanketed under snow and ice, Matt is preparing for those first signs of spring. The LPC Board of Directors will be meeting on February 25, after the annual shareholders’ meeting at the Vermilion Boat Club. Looking forward to seeing some of you there. Happy and healthy new year.  Ann Peters

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