Board View from Broadview

It is August 3, 2014 and where has this summer gone?  Though always too fast, we did not seem to have summer temperatures until the first of July.  Then the celebration of the fourth of July, and Linwood settles into “vacation mode”.  Maybe it is melancholy memories, but Linwood never seemed happier or healthier.  So many children running and riding bikes freely throughout the Park, while a noticeable number of teenagers “hanging out” at the Stand, which is better than ever!  Just heard that the youth seem to own the Park, but isn’t that true, since they are the future whom we are working and planning for?  The Cottage owners have held wonderful activities for all of us already this summer, and the LCCL continues to give us spiritual nourishment for every age throughout the weeks and especially on Sundays.  The volunteering continues to astound me, from the Stand, the Store/Museum, the Upper Rooms, the beautiful flowers, the building projects, done when needed (new Stand grill), the generous patrons at the Stand and it goes on.  The love of, and at Linwood is abundant.

All of this is so rewarding and appreciated, and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone and to also inform our shareholders and cottage owners of  the present status and plans of the Linwood Park Company.  Before unfounded rumors begin, we are presently discussing what steps will be taken to improve our infrastructure.  Many of these decisions cannot be considered until all of the studies are completed.  The first step is viewing all of our sanitary lines with camera and a study of the drainage system.  These will be corrected before we can make decisions about streets and sidewalks.  While all of this is beginning to take place, we are also considering the financial means to fairly accomplish this project from a timely and cost effective way.  One of the opportunities we are considering is to sell two of our “build able” parcels.  There is more work and preparation to be done toward this goal, but hopefully accomplished during this season.

There is a shareholders’ meeting planned for Saturday of Labor Day weekend at 9:am in the Chapel with a Cottage owners’ meeting to follow at 10:am.  I look forward to seeing you all there, and for those of you, Shareholders, who cannot be there, please send your proxies to Linwood Park.  Thank you and have a great “rest of summer”.  God bless Linwood.

Ann Peters, President

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Board View from Broadview

Happy spring,

Our clocks leaped forward an hour yesterday, so “Linwood time” is approaching.  That is a welcoming thought, especially exciting this summer, with opportunities to enhance the buildings we refurbished last year with so many wonderful volunteers.  Nancy Romes and Jean Schedler have been planning more good eats and treats at the Stand,  Janet  Waggoner continues to put her artistic touch in the inviting Upper Rooms over the Stand, Carol Flick has added a lot more talented artists to participate in our beautiful Store, while the LCCL devoted much effort in upgrading the Tabernacle’s interior.

Matt and his crew continue to improve our grounds and buildings and always creatively and willingly available where needed.

Our annual shareholders’ meeting at the Vermilion Boat Club, in February enabled many of us to share greetings and reports, but always miss those of you not able to attend.  Fred Galovich and Gere Flick were elected to the Board of Directors, replacing Greg Seeley and Tom Crowley.

At our directors’ meeting, it was voted to purchase a beach-sifting machine which will be attached and dragged behind the tractor.  This is very exciting and should provide Linwood not only with the most beautiful beach, but also the cleanest.

This season’s opening day at Linwood is Friday, June 7, 2013 with the operations fees and gate fees to remain the same as last year.  Look for and tell your friends to enjoy a “Linwood Open” day in June (date to be announce), when there will be no gate fee for the day and people can enjoy our very special haven, hopefully to return for longer stays.

So, while the clock keeps ticking, and the days get warmer, I look forward to our togetherness again, where time stands still, at least for some beautiful brief summer days at Linwood.

Ann Peters

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