The Upper Rooms at Linwood Park offer a unique way to experience Linwood Park — A Place in the Heart.  The rooms on the second floor of the stand housed girls who worked at the former hotel and also those who worked in the Stand.  If was closed many years ago and became an area for storage.  Several years ago the Company completely restored the Upper Rooms to provide additional rental rooms for daily rentals.

Rooms can accommodate anywhere from 1 to 4 persons.  Each Room has a comfortable bed, sitting area and a sink.  There are two shared bathrooms, a microwave station and a refrigerator.  There is also a sitting area overlooking the lake where guests gather to play games, work on puzzles, or just sit and read.

The stand (first floor) opens at 7:30 am and has coffee, doughnuts (from Hamman’s Bakery), sandwiches and other light snacks.  On weekends the Grill is open offering hamburgers, brats, and hotdogs.  There are plenty of restaurants nearby for dinners ranging from fast food to one of the best French restaurants in the US.



For information about the “Upper Rooms”, availability and prices, click HERE.

NOTE: The Upper Room rental fees do NOT include the gate fees which may be paid by each guest when entering the park.